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Health is the most valuable thing a person has. When you get sick, you have two choices: to buy questionable drugs or to create conditions under which the body will recover without pills.

We all know the problem of traditional medicine: it is expensive, and many diseases are not cured.

Today we have a solution, that is Vortex medicine and Mishin’s generator which helps to cure various diseases. More information about the device, its therapeutic abilities, the diseases cured and principles of work you can find here www.vortexmedicine.com

Using the device you can cure: Diseases of the blood, in particular, lymphoid leukemia; Drug Dependencies; Nicotine addiction; Psoriasis; Herniation; Panic attacks; Bechterew ankylosing spondylitis; Titanium in the body; Physical trauma of the eye; Diseases of the skin. Specifically - Vitiligo, when the skin appears white spots; Arthrosis, Osteoarthrosis, Osteoporosis, Arthritis; Flu; Jaundice; Tourette's syndrome; Lymphostosis (removed lymph node, cancer) impaired lymph circulation in hand; Angina; Papillomas, polyps, warts (Colorless moles and outgrowths on the skin); Asthma of allergic origin; Ulcers of the stomach and duodenum; Prostatitis, prostate adenoma; Ischemic stroke of the brain; Stenocordia and IHD. Complication of the heart after the flu; Cyst of pancreas; Multiple sclerosis and scleroderma; Tumor in the lung (lung cancer) malignant the size of a tennis ball; Pacemaker; Heart myocardial infarction; Diabetes mellitus I and II; Diseases of the thyroid gland, nodes on the thyroid gland; Cataract, macular degeneration of the retina; Hrombosis of the venous sinus of the brain; Neuralgia of the facial trigeminal nerve; Kidneys, kidney stones, pyelonephritis; Gallbladder, gallstones, cholecystitis; Hepatitis and AIDS; Ovarian cyst; Fungus; Teeth, gums, periodontal disease; Heart arythmy; Cold and Flu; Oncology; Allergies; Parkinson's disease; Varicose veins, fingerprints; Scars, scar tissue; Reducing effect; Multiple sclerosis; Headaches, Migraines; Epilepsy; Herniated hernia, etc.
About the Device:

In general, it is the geometry of the coil that determines the quality and strength of the effect on a human's body (the electrostatic spectrum is conditioned by the geometry of the capacitance), the frequency is secondary, but it is also important.

On the front panel of the device there is a socket for connecting coils and two LED indicators: the red LED indicates the presence of power, the green LED lights up when the coil is connected and indicates that the device is ready for being used.

On the rear panel of the generator there is a DC 2.1 / 5.5 socket for power connection.

The complete set (capacitive) includes:

- Autogenerator sine, as well as possible with switching to the meander.
- High quality power supply 5V 2000mA, with output filtering, cable (length is 100cm).
- Toroidal capacitive coil with a diameter of 6.5 cm.
- Disc capacitive coil of wire in the lacquer 0.5mm.
- Static field indicator.